March 22, 2016

Elin Meets Her Siblings

In honor of Elin's first birthday tomorrow, I had to post this sweet video. In case our computer crashes or it somehow gets deleted, this video must be saved for all time! It's the moment the big kids met their baby sister. What a sweet memory! 

April 11, 2014

Island Home Airport

Today we took advantage of pretty weather and the freedom of a homeschool day and went out to Island Home Airport. It is a small airport just a couple miles from downtown with mostly private and small charter planes. The kids thought it was so cool...and so did us Moms.

Pretending to drive. 

Sweet Kindergartners. 

Ava and Landry 

The big girls. 


Amy and Liam. 

We also got to see a helicopter take off. It was huge and made it very windy for 10 minutes while we waited to watch it. 

The guy who gave us a tour also trains people to fly. He was about to take a guy up so we got to watch them take off too.  

Such a cool "field trip" with friends!

February 14, 2014

Another Snow Day!

I really had no idea we were going to get snow! The weather map showed Knoxville and the very far outskirts of the big snow storm that NC was going to get. Our predicted amount was an inch. You can imagine my surprise when I woke up Thursday morning to 6 or so inches of fluffy white snow.  It really was so pretty. As much as I hate winter, the snow is fun to watch and the kids love going out in it. Too bad Ben started an 8 day stretch yesterday. He is definitely the "fun" parent when it comes to snow. Here are a few pictures from our excursion.

I loved all the evergreens covered in snow.

Our backyard.

Sledding with Mr. Walt.

Mr. Josh pulling the girls down the hill.


Love these girls. 

It was so pretty when we could see snow and blue skies! Oh how I love blue skies! 

Little ham. 

The kids having a snack of snow. 

Sutton even got to sled a few times! 

Kate loved the snowball fight. 

Snowball maker. 

Action shot. This girl! 

Kim and Rev's snowman. 

These four ganged up on Walt. 

No words for this picture. Sorry's just so funny! 

Me and my crew! 

Poor Ben got home from work and was forced to eat really quickly and then go out side with the kids.  It didn't last long, but the kids loved it. 

Tiny snowman. 

 Love these three!

January 29, 2014

Snow Fun

We were supposed to have a 30% chance of snow flurries on Tuesday. It turned out to be a few inches which caused quite a mess around town. Luckily Ben was off and we made it home from co-op with little trouble. The roads had not been treated so the snow just stuck! We had a lot of fun just watching it snow all afternoon and saying "It's still snowing!" It would have been the perfect snow day if I had actually grocery shopped on Monday like I had planned. We had no milk, no bread, no eggs, no coffee cream (gasp!), no anything to make much of anything for dinner. We ended up going to the Alexanders house and sledding and eating random foods and snacks all evening. The snow was still around on Wednesday so we went back out to enjoy it before the sun melted it. Josh brought his big kids over and we had a fun morning. Now I am officially ready for the snow to melt and Spring to come! :)
Sutton was a good sport with all his apparel on.

Walking down to the Alexanders.

The babies sat on the porch and watch everyone sled. 

Sweet Wren didn't make a sound. 

Sutton got tired of sitting.

The Andrews met up with us and brought a snow tube. So fun! 

It just kept on snowing and covered up where we had been sledding. 

I came inside with the was so cold! 

Neighborhood friends! 

Cutie pie! 

Big boy. 

Fun dad! 

Trying to find a good hill. 

Dads are the best! 

These two had a blast! 

Love their animal hats! 

Braden being a gentleman and pulling the girls. 

Sweet Owen.