May 28, 2008

Beach Day Four

"Not another trip in the car!"

This is to prove that I am here too. I haven't actually been to the beach yet, but I plan on going tomorrow! Vacation is very different with an infant, but I would much rather have Braden than a tan!

Beach Day Three

GranJan time!

May 27, 2008

Beach Day Two

Braden found his thumb!

May 25, 2008

Day One at the Beach

GranJan and Papa's

On Friday we headed to my parents' house on our way to the Outer Banks. It was Braden's first trip to North Carolina. This pose looks familiar.
Napping in the guest room while we pack the van.
Beach pictures forthcoming!

Six Weeks

Trying to get Braden to smile, but he got distracted by the camera.Big smiles!

Cooing...our new favorite thing!Finally bathing in the bath tub. He liked being submerged in the warm water.
Braden and Dr. McCollum at my six week check up.

May 15, 2008

May Happenings

In honor of Mother's Day and my birthday Ben brought me breakfast in bed.
Then my friend, Emily, had us over for a cookout. She even had a birthday cake for me. We ended the day with a mini photoshoot of Braden and I. Poppa was missing Braden, so he came up for a visit this week.We decided to attempt to give Braden a bottle for the first time. He took it so easily! It was fun for Ben to get to feed him. I'm thankful it went so well. Now maybe we can go on a date soon !
Bouncing on the ball with Daddy.
Oops! He still has a wobbly head! :)

May 9, 2008

One Month Update

Braden is one month old! Crazy! Time has just flown by. It is amazing to think he is literally growing before our eyes! We went to his one month checkup on Tuesday. He weighs 9lbs 9oz (50th percentile) and is 22 inches long (70th percentile). That means he has gained two pounds in a month! That was so encouraging to know he is getting plenty to eat! Enjoy some new pictures of our one month old!

Finally enjoying the swing...a little!
Snuggling with Mama.Taking a nap after our trip to the doctor.This was my attempt to get a picture of him smiling. Unfortunately the flash blinded him, but it still turned out cute!Relaxing with Daddy!

May 6, 2008

More Firsts!

Braden has experienced several new "firsts" this past week. Here he is taking his first nap in his crib. He is still sleeping in our room for now, but one day I needed to clean out my closet while he slept. He looked so little in that big bed! (Note the coordinating blanket that Aunt Becky crocheted.)Braden also cried his first actual tear on Sunday night. I think it was because Ben worked his first night shift since he'd been born! It was so sad! I haven't seen any tears since, but I'm sure they'll be here to stay soon.
On Saturday I really needed to go to the grocery store, but it was raining and Braden was not very happy. I called Aunt Katie and she very kindly came and watched him while I went to the store. Braden did great for his first babysitter...I was the one who cried! Thanks so much, Katie!
I don't have a picture yet, but I'm pretty sure Braden has started smiling at me. The first time was at like 3am this morning. He has done it a few times since, but of course the camera is never handy. I'll try to capture it soon. It's pretty much the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

May 1, 2008


Over the past three weeks we have had lots of friends and family come from far and wide to visit Braden. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are a few that I do have.
Aunt Becky wins the prize for traveling the furthest: all the way from Watertown, NY!
Last weekend Braden got to meet his cousins Atticus, Avery and Aidan.
The Blanton men: Ben, Braden and Pops
Lauren, me and Holly with Braden. We all go back to the first grade!
Mama Judy (Holly's mom) admiring Braden. She played Grandma for the day!