November 23, 2009

Four Months!

Four months and growing rapidly!

November 20, 2009


Here I am six months pregnant with Braden. I just opened a gift from Holly which included this cute little stuffed horse. Little did I know it would become Braden's "lovey"! It quickly became his favorite stuffed animal and a must have at bedtime.

Here he is with it back in May, on his very first day not nursing!

And last week showing his love for his sweet horse.

So when we realized he couldn't live without it I quickly tried to find a back up. Heaven forbid something happen to it. I could only find one on Ebay and of course I got it immediately! The other day his horse was lost (behind our bed) for a short time so I broke out the new horse. Here they are side by side. Isn't the origianl well loved?

After we found the old one and gave it to him, Braden thought it was so funny that there were two horses! He kept petting the new, soft one and saying "ooooohhh"! Here he is enjoying both of them while watching a show on my bed.

However, the back up has gone back to hiding for now. I was glad to know that it does indeed work just as well!

November 2, 2009


All the cousins ready to go trick or treating.

My little monkey!

Riding in style!

First timer here!

Abbey sharing her candy with Braden. So sweet!

Running...and I do mean the next house!

We wore this little monkey out! I cannot believe how much he loved trick or treating! He looked so sweet sleeping I had to grab a picture. Too bad the flash startled him! He looks slightly annoyed here.