June 27, 2011


Now that June is almost over, I guess it's time to blog our May happenings. Better late than never!

Kate and Henley

We went to Dollywood a couple times in May. Kate and I got to watch a lot!

I can't believe how big Kate looks in these pictures.

This boy loves the Scrambler!

Watching Daddy ride the Barnstormer.

I hope you can zoom in on this picture to see Ben's face. He said it was so scary!

We found a new playground this time.

Kate loves black beans!

On Mother's Day Braden came in from church, went straight to the fridge and brought me a Diet Coke. He smiled real big and said happy mothers day! How sweet is that? I love how he does unprompted things like this all the time now.

Mother's Day at Wasabi...my favorite place!

Picking strawberries with Aunt Katie!

Kate enjoyed testing the strawberries for us! She was a mess when we left!

Silas and Katie

On Ben's birthday we went for a family bike ride. It was so fun!

Along the way we stopped and let the kids play at a playground.

That night Ben took Braden to the father/son campout at church. Braden had a blast and stayed up until midnight!

Ben called me at 11:30 and said "he's still awake!" I laughed and said good luck!

While Ben had a few weeks off of school we went to the beach. Here we are having a picnic at a rest area.

Braden enjoying his superman ice cream.

Kate was excited for ice cream too!

Both kids loved the beach!

The only family picture of the whole trip!

Best buddies enjoying lunch together.

Kate is turning out to be silly just like her brother! :)