September 27, 2010


We took Braden to Dollywood on his birthday back in April and we had a pretty good time. I was very pregnant and he wasn't feeling well. We haven't been back since because we had Kate just a couple weeks later and it's been hot, etc., etc. Last Friday we decided to go with my parents and we had so much fun. In fact, we had to leave early so Ben could leave town and we were so bummed because we were having so much fun. It was mostly fun watching Braden have the time of his life. I don't think he ever quit smiling. This is a lot of pictures, but I they were all so cute!

Even Kate had fun and didn't fuss one bit! I think she likes people watching.

GrandJan and Papa

Braden driving this pink car was the cutest thing! Look at the huge grin in every picture. Especially the last one!

I still cannot believe he rode the Scrambler! I would not even get on there! I came out of the bathroom and there they were. Daredevil!

The carousel with GJ.

The last ride of the day. We all rode together (along with a couple strangers). Braden wasn't too sure about the unexpected water in the face. Look how his hands covered his face the entire time. He said he had fun when it was over, but that is debatable!
A tired little boy!

And his worn out sister!

September 5, 2010

Bumbo and More

Here are some random pictures from the past few weeks. They are pretty much in reverse order. Oh well.

Miss Kate enjoying her Bumbo seat.
Looking nice and plump.
Taking a nap with Daddy.
Kate with her Children's Ministry name tag. I forgot to take a picture the first time we left her there. This is probably more like the 5th.
Kate isn't the only one who enjoys sitting in the Bumbo!
Braden and his cousin, Tobin. This was the only picture I had from the Simmons' visit on this camera. I will post the mini golf pictures later.
We visited my sister, Becky a couple weeks ago. Here is the one and only picture of all four kids! This was the one and only time I think they were all still at the same time too!

September 2, 2010

A Conversation with Kate

Just when you've given up on this blog I come up with a gem like this. Enjoy!