June 12, 2009

National Doughnut Day

We took Braden to Krispy Kreme last Friday for his very first doughnut. They were giving away free doughnuts since it was National Doughnut Day...who knew? He is certainly a fan!

June 4, 2009

Sweet Summertime

This summer has started off very eventful and fun. I feel like we are outside most days. Braden is already darker than me even with SPF 55! Not fair. Here are some pictures from some of our summer fun. I vow to try and take more pictures than I have been lately!
Braden drinking his cup of milk before bed. This is the first night I didn't nurse him so I had to snap a picture. Of course he starts hamming it up when the camera comes out!
Braden and Daddy hanging out in the front yard.

The Stanleys came over to play in our little pool while Emilee and I took turns running. Her kids enjoyed it more than mine. Here is Hunter braving the cold water.

Anna Kate in action!

Braden just watched and worked on his flexibility.

And Juddson just looked cute in the exersaucer!

Cute little snugglebugs!

We went to our neighborhood pool with Meg and Laurel. It's so fun to have so many friends that live close by. These are the only two pictures I took of Braden and Laurel.

My friend, Allyson, and I have been swapping kids so the other can go run "kidless" errands. It is so nice and productive! These pics are from the first time we switched. The boys matched and we thought they were cute. They are going to be great buddies!
This pictures is hysterical! They are doing the same thing with their hands and Braden's face makes me crack up!

Little buddies!

Practicing being "gentle." Looks kind of like a pet.

This week we went to the Worlds Fair Park with the Bennetts and Bounds. Like usual I harldy took any pictures but here is Braden and Aiden playing with some sunglasses. Aunt Emma took them in the fountains and all three kids loved it!

Braden had more fun than it looks like in this picture. He got sunscreen in his eyes and was not happy about that.

This is what happened once Allyson left me with both boys today. Braden hit Gavin and got in trouble so I decided to take a quick picture to capture the moment! This will be priceless one day.

Gavin with his collar popped! Such a little stud!

Braden on the end table. Every time I was occupied with Gavin he did a daredevil stunt. His hair looks so long here. Man, he is growing way too fast. Until next time...