February 17, 2010

Our Month in Pictures

I can't believe it's already been six weeks since Christmas! We haven't been doing a whole lot since then. The weather has been much too cold for any outdoor activities besides sledding and we've had a couple illnesses. Other than that it's just been "the usual" here in the Blanton home. Here are a few pictures of our last month or so.

Braden and Gavin...best buds!

You'll never find a happier mom!

We love having Mackenzie live just down the road. She visits a lot when Ben works evenings.

Braden and Lucy testing out our new sled! I don't know what Braden is doing here.

Josh gave the kids "rides" around the living room.

As you can see, we found many uses for the sled!

Braden is into trying on every accessorie he sees: sunglasses, hats, toboggans, head bands, whatever!

Silly boy! Love that smile!

Enjoying the snow before it melted. Braden wasn't too sure what to think. The boy does not like to be cold!

Drinking "warm" chocolate after playing in the snow. It was a hit!

Ben's work gave us discounted tickets to the Dixie Stampede. It was a first for all of us! We had such a fun time. Braden would not look away from the show for a picture or food or anything! I love how happy Ben looks in this picture. It was such a joy seeing our boy have so much fun!

I think he clapped 90% of the time!

Take a close look. That is my wild boy sitting down and playing with blocks...by himself! It was so surprising and exciting I had to get a picture. I'm so thankful for little moments like this!