December 22, 2009

Christmas Cards

For those of you who didn't get a Christmas card from us...don't feel bad! No one did! The truth is that we didn't have a picture of the three of us. Not even a bad one. I could have used just a picture of Braden, but I haven't had a good picture of him since he started walking. I could have just given regular cards, but you actually have to write in those! And let's be honest, you really like the cards with pictures better anyway. So although we did not send Christmas cards, we have been thoroughly enjoying the ones we have gotten. There is a sterilite box fully of maternity clothes just below our Christmas card "tree" and Braden enjoys climbing up there and looking and naming the people he knows. He looked so cute this morning I had to take a quick picture before he jumped off.

December 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

Ben and I love watching So You Think You Can Dance. One of the funniest things about it is as soon as the music starts for each dance Braden immediately starts bobbing his head or dancing. We could never quite capture it on video until tonight. Maybe because tonight was the finale he pulled out all his best moves, including some new ones. Enjoy!

December 10, 2009

A Visit to Santa

Braden and I are in Savannah this week visiting my sister and her boys. Today we ventured to the mall to see Santa. We even bought matching sweaters for the boys. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Braden was not a fan of Santa. He smiled at him and waved at him but there was no way he was going to sit with him. It was really funny. Finally I decided to hold him beside Santa. I'm glad they cropped me out of the picture (except for my hand). It's not the best picture, but it certainly captures their personalities at this age.

December 5, 2009


We woke up this morning to our first snow of the season. It's not a lot, but we still had fun playing in it. We used most of the snow in our front yard for a snow man!

November 23, 2009

Four Months!

Four months and growing rapidly!

November 20, 2009


Here I am six months pregnant with Braden. I just opened a gift from Holly which included this cute little stuffed horse. Little did I know it would become Braden's "lovey"! It quickly became his favorite stuffed animal and a must have at bedtime.

Here he is with it back in May, on his very first day not nursing!

And last week showing his love for his sweet horse.

So when we realized he couldn't live without it I quickly tried to find a back up. Heaven forbid something happen to it. I could only find one on Ebay and of course I got it immediately! The other day his horse was lost (behind our bed) for a short time so I broke out the new horse. Here they are side by side. Isn't the origianl well loved?

After we found the old one and gave it to him, Braden thought it was so funny that there were two horses! He kept petting the new, soft one and saying "ooooohhh"! Here he is enjoying both of them while watching a show on my bed.

However, the back up has gone back to hiding for now. I was glad to know that it does indeed work just as well!

November 2, 2009


All the cousins ready to go trick or treating.

My little monkey!

Riding in style!

First timer here!

Abbey sharing her candy with Braden. So sweet!

Running...and I do mean the next house!

We wore this little monkey out! I cannot believe how much he loved trick or treating! He looked so sweet sleeping I had to grab a picture. Too bad the flash startled him! He looks slightly annoyed here.

October 26, 2009

Fifth Anniversary and Braden's First Sleepover

Ben and I celebrated our fifth anniversary on October 16th. I cannot believe it's been five years already and at the same time can't imagine not being married to Ben. What a fantastic life we have! He surprised me a few days later and took me to Chattanooga for a little getaway. We had the best time! I missed Braden terribly, but was so thankful for time alone with my husband! I'm already asking when we can do that again! :) We only have two self portraits from our trip:

Hanging out in our room at the Sheraton Read House

Right before we left we sat in Coolidge Park for about an hour and read/slept. It was a highlight for me!

While we were gone the Hughes watched our little guy. I am just so thankful for them being willing to spend two entire days with him! What great friends. Here are lots of pictures from his first sleepover with his best buddy, Gavin. He obviously did not miss me one little bit! I'm so glad he had fun and was great for Allyson.

The boys enjoying a wagon ride

Playing with Dakota

Helping Ryan cut the grass. Funny he is also wearing his John Deere jacket.

What a good friend: helping Gavin get a drink.

Bath time!

Gotta make sure Gavin is clean too!

This does not look like a little boy that is missing his Mama!

Getting kisses from Dakota!

I'm so glad they are friends!

October 14, 2009

The Big Brother!

Yep, it's official! Come early May there will be a fourth Blanton! We are very excited and thankful!

October 11, 2009


The Reeds were up for a visit for a few days last week. It was so fun having the whole family together. I loved getting to see all the boys together. Of course I never take enough pictures but here are a few.
Three sleepy boys.

Caleb and Braden checking each other out. Jacob is dazed.

Braden was so excited to have his cousins there he could hardly contain himself. He kept his hands in his lap like this the entire photo shoot. Precious!

This one is my favorite. I love these little guys. I'm so glad they are close in age so they can grow up being good friends.

One of my favorite moments from the weekend: Jacob falling asleep in my arms. I just love to hold sleeping babies!

September 10, 2009

Seventeen Months

This boy does love music, but nothing was coming out of the headphones. For some reason he just likes wearing them. I think he looks extra cute and chubby here!

Man, using a big spoon is hard!

I think I'll use my hand instead.
Forget it, I'll just stick my entire face in the bowl!

We pull Braden's high chair up to the table so he can be with us. If he is close enough he usually props his feet up. Look at those sweet toes!

Make yourself at home, B!

August 21, 2009

St. George Island

Here are some pictures of our vacation. I was having too much fun to take many pictures but am thankful for the ones I was able to get.

Here is how day one started out. Braden took a small spill into the coffee table below. Of course he had to hit it right on the sharp corner. It looked awful, but could have been much worse.
Notice those sharp corners! Round coffee tables are much more kid friendly!

Bath time! Our bathroom had these glass doors instead of a shower curtain. It was so hard to catch Braden to bathe him so we took turns getting in the tub with him.

Let me out!

Sweet Abbey

Katie getting hooked on Twilight! :)

Just chillin' in his little chair, snack in hand of course!

Braden was not a fan of the sand or ocean really so he hung out in this little pool under our tent.

Mama's turn in the tub! He makes me laugh.

We are such tourists!

Braden with Grandmama

One happy family!

My boys! I'm in love!

The yearly beach photo.

Gosh, I love them!

Sweet baby footprints.

My little surfer boy.

Who can resist this face?

Braden and Abbey

Kissing cousins

Yay for the beach!

All the cousins!

The bigger cousins looking for shells. Please note the beautiful rainbow!