May 6, 2013

Braden's 5th Birthday Weekend

I'm going to pretend that I never stopped blogging so I don't have to tell you all that's happened since my last blog post about Christmas 2011. (Main points: put our house on the market, found out I was pregnant, sold said house, bought a house, moved, turned 30, found out we were having a boy, Braden starts preschool, had a baby boy named Sutton (promise to blog about you one day!), Christmas 2012, Disney).

So here we are at the weekend of April 5-7, 2013!  I cannot believe my baby boy is FIVE!  I know he's not the baby, but he is my baby!  We celebrated all weekend!  It started with bringing cupcakes to his preschool class, then having his Lego party, then a day at Dollywood and finally his actual birthday at home with just our family.

 I think he was a little embarrassed to be the center of attention.

Even Kate got to pretend like she was a preschooler for the day. 

B's contributions to the Lego decor.  I loved his creativity so much I couldn't take it down! 

Sweet 5 year old! 

My attempt at a Lego cake.  

 Lego faced cups.  These were a hit!

 The boys had fun running around the house with weapons.

 Dinner time.

 Girl table! This was B's first "all boy" party, but of course his sister got to stay.

What the men did. :) 

Hunter being a Lego man.

The boys loved the Darth Vader piƱata! 

Everyone got a turn then they decided a group effort was best. 

 Stuffing their pockets with the loot.

Pin the head on the Lego Man. 

Singing Happy Birthday. 


Excited about gifts.  We have generous friends! 

Everyone won the Lego Man game so they each got a pack of Legos. They begged to put them together right then.  I thought this was so sweet! 

Jumping off all the sugar! 

"Is it my birthday yet?" 

We ended the night with a story from Lego magazine.  This was my favorite party yet! 

Scrambler...their favorite! 

Kate's hair.  What can I say? 

Elephants with Holly! 

Sutty Buddy: 6 months! 

Kate: "It made my belly full!" 

Showing their ages...kind of! This was actually one of the 10 days where all three boys were the same age...4!

Going to bed for the last time as a four year old. 

The kids got one joint gift so we decided it was so pretty on Braden's birthday to go ahead and give it to them.  They sure have loved it so far. Kate is a little scary though!


Eleven years and this will be a real car! 

Family presents. 

More Legos!

What a great weekend celebrating Braden.  We are so thankful for him!  He can challenge us and make us crazy but this tender hearted boy could not be loved any more than he already is!  What a gift he is to our family!