April 30, 2011

Our Big Storm

Last Wednesday we had severe storms in the South! After watching the news, our damage seems like nothing compared to those in Alabama. We are thankful God spared us from major tornadoes that night. I have never experienced a storm like this in my life! It was very windy and stormy all day, but no big deal until around 8. We were watching American Idol and kept seeing tornado warnings and severe storm warnings, etc. The lights flickered but that was about it. We put Kate to bed and were starting to get Braden ready for bed too. Ben opened the front door to see how bad it was out there. We were both looking out when the first tiny hail started. My first thought was "lets throw a quilt on the 4runner!" Maybe I should have, although it would have blown off for sure. Anyway, in a matter of seconds the size of hail went from pea to golf ball and bigger. I was in the door comforting Braden because the sound was so loud he was scared. I was scared too. I couldn't hear what Ben was saying, but he evidently saw hail coming sideways and thought this isn't good. Before I knew it he was up the stairs grabbing Kate out of bed and we were all getting in the coat closet. The thing was, it was just so loud that you couldn't hear if there was a big, loud tornado coming at all. So I sat their huddled with my little family in the closet thinking "if there is a tornado, we are goners!" I had visions of tiny Kate being stripped from my arms and sucked out the closet door! It was terrifying for a few minutes. Once the hail stopped we came out and were shocked at the state of our yard. It looked like it was covered in snow. Hail is so weird! It's so strange to see "huge ice balls" (as Braden calls them) when it's warm outside. Round two came with bigger hail and poor Kate was forced out of bed again! Thankfully, that was the worst of our storms! We stayed up late to make sure we didn't need to run to the closet again. It was crazy to see our neighborhood the next morning. We fared better than others like the house down the street with a tree through it! Here are some pictures we have taken since the storm.

We could hardly get our back door open. It was practically frozen shut. This was after round 1. We were too shocked to think of pictures after round 2!

Big hail!

The deck was covered!

The siding is full of holes.

Attic fan slightly beat up and leaking water into our bathroom. Looks like we are getting a new roof. That's exciting!

Lost a tree.

And a water table!

The grill got beat up, but still works.

More busted siding shot.

Poor 4runner!

Is this safe to drive?

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Yesterday was Kate's birthday. We were supposed to be in Chattanooga, but the storm messed up our cars and left us lots to do at home. (I will post those pictures soon!) We still had a fun day! Her party was last weekend so she has been celebrated plenty, but I still wanted her actual birthday to be fun too! Ben had to take his final exam in the morning and we had our small group in the evening. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Birthday banana muffins. This girls loves muffins! Really all carbs...like her mom!

We ate at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, which I love! She had her first smoothie and was a huge fan! She managed to only get a little on her shirt!

"Must you document everything?"

Then we went to Toys R Us to buy a new water table since ours was torn about by hail! The kids had gift cards so it worked out great.

My cute little three and one year olds!

Kate, we love you so very much! You are the little girl I never knew I always wanted! I wanted all boys...or so I thought! But now I so insanely crazy over my little girl. I love her 2 tooth smile, I love when she laughs hysterically when Braden tickles her, I love how her hair is always a mess, I love how she pulls my chin over to make sure I'm looking at her when I hold her, I love dressing her all girly, I love how she is so dramatic, I love the 5 seconds a day she snuggles me, I love being Kate's mommy! What a wonderful year!

April 7, 2011

Braden's Third Birthday

We started the day with some balloons.

Then round one of gifts and cards.

An early morning birthday song from Aunt Holly.

Number "3" pancakes.

Kate enjoyed the pancakes too.

The cove with our birthday buddy, Leah. She is four today!

"Hooray for birthdays!"

Striking a pose.

Jillian and Kate

Kate loves Mrs. Alison

Beautiful day for a birthday!

PlayDoh to help ward off post nap grumpiness.

Presents Part 2: "My own fishing pole!"

Fishing with Daddy (I love this picture and these guys!)

We headed to another park for dinner, fishing and cupcakes.

Kate was a trooper. She mostly gnawed on french fries. Don't judge me! :)

Happy Birthday to you!

Kate still chilling in the stroller.

The Stanleys met us at the park for cupcakes and playing.

Love these cuties!

I think Braden had a great birthday! He said his favorite part was the cupcakes...surprise, surprise! We sure love this little guy and thank God for him daily!

April 4, 2011


Well, it's April and I'm finally posting pictures from February. If there are still readers of this blog I am sorry for my lack of posts! What can I say? Life is busy and blogging is at the bottom of the list. Here are the few pictures I took in February.

Hanging with the Hughes!

Henley and Kate: best friends!

Kate is ready for Henley to sit up and play with her.

My morning snugglebugs!

Braden with his letter projects. We started out strong and have since slowed down. Spring weather came and we have been outside every day we can since!

Story time at the library! A fun cold day activity.

On "C" week we went to Cities Cupcakes! Fun and delicious!

Kate's mohawk. She still has some cradle cap so I lathered her up with lotion in an attempt to help it. It didn't work but it made for a cute picture!

I found this stinker digging in the diaper bag. She is into ev-er-y-thing these days!

Old news now, but I found Kate like this one morning. Don't judge me, but we still haven't moved the crib down! It's a big job and Ben is busy and I don't know how. Soon!

I will try to get March pictures up soon since April is a big month around here! There will be many posts to come!