July 21, 2010


I just realized I haven't posted many pictures lately. Every now and then I post a picture on facebook and forget to put it on the blog. So here you go!

Sweet little Kate. Can't even play on her mat alone. See the little hand and foot at the top of the picture?

Heaven forbid I take a picture without Braden in it. (Sorry about no pants on B! We are potty training and it is much easier with no pants! ha ha!)

The Sextons dropped by one day and all the kids wanted to hold Kate. I love how she is looking up at Jillian in this picture.

Kate was the center of attention. Except for Braden...looks like Leah had all his attention!

Smiley girl!

One day it was really rainy and there was no hope of us leaving the house so I just let Braden run crazy for a long time to get nice and tired for nap time. I was playing with my camera and trying to get action shots. Evidently I need to practice much more and he needs to slow down!

Like my skirt?

Never know when you might need a head lamp.

My babies!

My boys walking home from the pool. Ben takes Braden most days of the week so I can cook dinner or clean up or just have a quite moment. Very sweet!

Kate relaxing while I reorganized my kitchen cabinets. When we finish tiling the backsplash I will post before and after pictures of our kitchen!

We are so enjoying this little girl! Life is good!

July 12, 2010


Have you ever used picnik.com? It is so fun to edit your pictures different ways and it is free! I was playing on there during nap time today and thought I would share this funny picture of B. His mouth is huge!

July 7, 2010

July 4, 2010

We had a very fun July 4th weekend. The Robersons came up to visit since James and Judy hadn't met Kate yet. Growing up, their house was my second home so it's fun to get spend time with them.
On Saturday we did a little shopping.
Then we went back to their hotel for lunch and swimming. Here is James playing with Braden.
Braden enjoyed the indoor pool. Judy watched Kate while the rest of went swimming.
Holly bought the kids July 4th outfits so after naps we attempted a photoshoot.
This is the only picture I got of the two of them. Ha!
Aunt Holly and Baby Kate
Saturday night we dropped by the Hughes annual 4th of July party. Always a fun time, especially visiting with Joslynn!
Aunt Holly and Braden before church Grandma JuJu and Braden waiting for a table at Mimi's cafe.
Thanks for driving here to visit us! We love and miss you guys!