June 16, 2008

Two Months Old

Braden is a little over two months now. We are absolutely loving this age! We can lay him down and he will just smile at us or watch the ceiling fan or suck on his hand. It's so nice to not have to hold him all the time. I get a lot more done around the house these days.
At his two month appointment Braden weighed 11lbs 11oz (5oth percentile) and was 23.5 inches (75th percentile). It's crazy how fast they grow!

Here are a few pictures taken the last week or two.

My sweet boys!Amelia and London come over to play.Eating his hand.I can't get enough of this face!

June 1, 2008

More Beach Pictures

Braden was so good at the beach. He took naps in all kinds of strange places!
Sunset from our deck.
Our house for the week.

Braden was not such a fan of the beach. It was a little too sunny/windy/cold for him!

Ben and I went on our first date while at the beach. Although I knew Braden was in good hands, I felt so sad to leave him...thus the tears! However, it was so fun to get to be alone with Ben and give him all my attention. We had a great time!

My family just before leaving the beach.
We had a wonderful vacation. We all missed having Becky and Andy there, but look forward to seeing them in August! Thank you Mom and Dad for your generosity!