September 30, 2008

The Many Faces of Braden

These pictures just crack me up. I know there are a ton, but I wanted to share all his funny facial expressions. We are so crazy about our little boy! He will be six months old tomorrow and I will post his stats after we go to the doctor. Enjoy our silly boy!

September 20, 2008

Thinking About Crawling

Well it looks like Braden will be an early crawler. I am most certainly not encouraging it! I know my life will get much busier when he gets mobile. However, when I lay him on his back he immediately rolls to his tummy and assumes the following positions:

Then he gets bored and decides eating his fingers is more fun!

September 14, 2008

Five Months Old

Braden's fifth month in pictures:

Acquring a love for reading already!

Braden watched his first UT game at the Sexton's house. So fun!

Looking at all the kids instead of the camera.

"My new overalls are too big, but they sure are tasty!"

Yummmm...rice cereal!

Hurry and give me some more!

Trying out the high chair. He's almost ready.

My squishy boy!

Play time!

Fat feet!

Watching football with Daddy.

Toes....a delicious game time snack!

September 8, 2008

Beach Pictures Continued

Just relaxing!

Riding Ali.

Ready to go to the beach!
Our family.
Braden and Papa in front of the Currituck Lighthouse.

My two favorite boys!

All smiles with GranJan.
So silly!

Too distracted to smile.

Braden and Mama!

September 3, 2008

Play Date with Laurel

Meg and I worked together for a year and a half. One day Meg said when we become moms we have to take our kids to Chickfila for play dates and then blog about it. Well, today we fulfilled that dream! Little Laurel was born on August 6th. Here is a picture of Meg, Laurel and I the day she was born.
The babies "enjoying" their play date!

Braden was more interested in Laurel than she was him.
It was so fun having lunch with Meg and Laurel. Before we know it the kids will be eating chicken nuggets and playing on the play ground!