October 26, 2009

Fifth Anniversary and Braden's First Sleepover

Ben and I celebrated our fifth anniversary on October 16th. I cannot believe it's been five years already and at the same time can't imagine not being married to Ben. What a fantastic life we have! He surprised me a few days later and took me to Chattanooga for a little getaway. We had the best time! I missed Braden terribly, but was so thankful for time alone with my husband! I'm already asking when we can do that again! :) We only have two self portraits from our trip:

Hanging out in our room at the Sheraton Read House

Right before we left we sat in Coolidge Park for about an hour and read/slept. It was a highlight for me!

While we were gone the Hughes watched our little guy. I am just so thankful for them being willing to spend two entire days with him! What great friends. Here are lots of pictures from his first sleepover with his best buddy, Gavin. He obviously did not miss me one little bit! I'm so glad he had fun and was great for Allyson.

The boys enjoying a wagon ride

Playing with Dakota

Helping Ryan cut the grass. Funny he is also wearing his John Deere jacket.

What a good friend: helping Gavin get a drink.

Bath time!

Gotta make sure Gavin is clean too!

This does not look like a little boy that is missing his Mama!

Getting kisses from Dakota!

I'm so glad they are friends!

October 14, 2009

The Big Brother!

Yep, it's official! Come early May there will be a fourth Blanton! We are very excited and thankful!

October 11, 2009


The Reeds were up for a visit for a few days last week. It was so fun having the whole family together. I loved getting to see all the boys together. Of course I never take enough pictures but here are a few.
Three sleepy boys.

Caleb and Braden checking each other out. Jacob is dazed.

Braden was so excited to have his cousins there he could hardly contain himself. He kept his hands in his lap like this the entire photo shoot. Precious!

This one is my favorite. I love these little guys. I'm so glad they are close in age so they can grow up being good friends.

One of my favorite moments from the weekend: Jacob falling asleep in my arms. I just love to hold sleeping babies!