January 29, 2014

Snow Fun

We were supposed to have a 30% chance of snow flurries on Tuesday. It turned out to be a few inches which caused quite a mess around town. Luckily Ben was off and we made it home from co-op with little trouble. The roads had not been treated so the snow just stuck! We had a lot of fun just watching it snow all afternoon and saying "It's still snowing!" It would have been the perfect snow day if I had actually grocery shopped on Monday like I had planned. We had no milk, no bread, no eggs, no coffee cream (gasp!), no anything to make much of anything for dinner. We ended up going to the Alexanders house and sledding and eating random foods and snacks all evening. The snow was still around on Wednesday so we went back out to enjoy it before the sun melted it. Josh brought his big kids over and we had a fun morning. Now I am officially ready for the snow to melt and Spring to come! :)
Sutton was a good sport with all his apparel on.

Walking down to the Alexanders.

The babies sat on the porch and watch everyone sled. 

Sweet Wren didn't make a sound. 

Sutton got tired of sitting.

The Andrews met up with us and brought a snow tube. So fun! 

It just kept on snowing and covered up where we had been sledding. 

I came inside with the babies...it was so cold! 

Neighborhood friends! 

Cutie pie! 

Big boy. 

Fun dad! 

Trying to find a good hill. 

Dads are the best! 

These two had a blast! 

Love their animal hats! 

Braden being a gentleman and pulling the girls. 

Sweet Owen.

January 1, 2014

The Christmas House

"The Christmas House" is something my kids talk about and look forward to all year long! The past three years we have gone to the same house at Lake Lure, but this year it was booked. My mom found a wonderful place in Pigeon Forge with 11 bedrooms, 2 outdoor hot tubs, a theater and an indoor pool! That was a hit with the kids. We used all 11 bedrooms and had a great time with both sides of my family. I think we had 26 people total, that stayed for various lengths of days. My family stayed 4 nights (3 for Ben) and it was a wonderful, relaxing time. I rarely feel like vacation is vacation, but the ratio of adults to children was much greater than we are used to, so we had a real vacation. I read, played numerous games, watched football and just had a great time with family that I don't see often enough. 

The kids thought it was so cool having a swimming pool right beside the living room.   

Aubrey, Braden and Kate. These three entertained each other the entire time. Ben and I said we missed the kids because they were off having so much fun.  

 Ben was the fun parents that actually got in the pool. It was heated, but I much prefer the hot tub! :)

Sutton had a huge fan club at the cabin. Nikki had never met him and seemed like a natural with the kiddos! 

Nikki's husband, Chris, enjoying some Kinex. Tyler was so sweet to bring his entire collection to Braden. He is really enjoying them. 

Best buds! These two are 18 days apart and play so well together.  

Nikki and Tyler all smiles before playing Ticket to Ride. They had no idea what they were getting into playing a game with the Blantons! :) 

GrandJan bought these cute numbers for the kids to decorate and then take a picture holding the number of their age. My sweet three year old! 

One night we all played (or watched) Catch Phrase. We laughed so hard! I love when everyone is involved. We also all ate dinner together every night. Sweet times! 

Love this one! Gotta hate when the buzzer goes off in your hand! 

Laura making my favorite treat, buckeyes! I don't even want to know how many I ate. 

Decorating gingerbread men with GrandJan. 

On Sunday there were lots of good football games on. The Panthers and the Falcons was a must watch for these Carolina and Georgia boys. It was awesome having a theater in the house. The kids especially loved this room. 

Watching the big kids swim. It's hard to be the baby sometimes! 

I never made the kids nap, so this was my attempt at "watch tv and rest your bodies!" 

Someone was very tired! 

Papa and his grandboy! 

Our last full day Braden woke up with a low fever. He seemed to feel fine and had no other symptoms, but I hate when the kids are sick...especially when we are hanging around other kids. Eeek! Sorry, everyone! 

Movie and popcorn! 

The kids literally spent hours in here watching all their new DVDs they got for Christmas. 

Present time. 

Amy and Jessica

Now stocking time. Caleb looks thrilled to have his picture taken! 

Holding up their ages. Sutton's is a roman numeral. :) 

You can't get coloring stuff in your stocking and not color immediately. 

Becky was the brave parent and got "in" the pool on the last day. By in, I mean her feet! 

Sutty and Tyler watching the big kids swim. 

The view from our cabin. I love the mountains. I love Christmas. I love my family.