July 30, 2009

Eat Eat!

At some point I will add videos that don't include Braden eating! However, this is very much a part of our life right now. What can I say, the boy LOVES food! He used to politely do the sign for "more", but since he learned to say "eat" he doesn't bother doing anything but shout "et et" from the top of his lungs. Enjoy!

July 13, 2009

Fifteen Months

We just returned from the doctor for Braden's 15 month checkup. He weighed a little over 22 (25%) pounds and was a little over 31 inches (60%). All his eating has been paying off! In other news, Braden is talking more and more. He mostly babbles but he does know several words including ball, hot, hat, mama, daddy, outside, more, bye and hi. I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of right now. Now that he can actually say words he is finally using his signs for all done and more. We are still working on walking, but he still prefers a very fast crawl as his mode of transportation. He has become quite a little monkey as well. I cannot leave him unattended for 30 seconds without finding him in a dangerous location like on the kitchen counter or climbing the outside of the stairs.

Here are LOTS of pictures from the last month or so including a trip to Savannah, Chuck E Cheese, the zoo, the drive in and just daily life with my favorite little boy!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This was the last leg of our eight hour drive to Savannah and I broke down and gave Braden a ring pop. He loved it and it did the trick!
Braden and his cousin Jacob playing on the play mat.

Jacob enjoying the toys.

Caleb looking very thoughtful and about to get punched by his brother.

Emily made the trip to Savannah with me and I could not have done it without her. She was such a huge help to both me and my sister. She also evened out the adult to child ratio. Here we are on our way the my sister's neighborhood pool.

Braden probably about to destruct something in my sister's house. Sorry!

Aunt Becky bought a tiny baby pool and all three kids played in it. This is the only picture I have of it.

Emily, Braden and I went to Tybee Island one morning and enjoyed the beach for an hour or so. I wish we lived that close to the beach!

Braden waving back at the ocean.

Braden's buddy, Aiden, turned one a couple weeks back. He had a little birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. We all had so much fun. I think the adults might have had more fun than the kids even.
The birthday boy!
This face is hysterical!

Barney eating Braden's hand.

Aunt Emma with all the kiddos. We love her!
Amy holding both boys.

My dad and his cousin, Bob, came over to Sevierville for the day and we met them for lunch. Braden was quite the entertainer as usual.
Trying out a mini UT rocker. I think he needs one!

Sitting in a big boy chair out on the deck.
Riding the carousel at the zoo with Mama and GrandJan.

This is my life! Notice a big bruise on the forehead several pictures down.

My curly headed boy!

Hunter and Juddson came over the play last week.
Braden likes having buddies to play with. Mama likes not being the sole entertainer.

Hunter giving a "hug"!
Juddson and Braden

Hmmm...that paci looks like fun!

Enjoying a Sonic slush at the drive-in.

Ben waiting on the movie to start. Despite these photos, we really did have a good time.

Uncle Peter wishing we would not take his picture.
The ever photogenic Uncle Caleb and Aunt Katie.

July 3, 2009


Here is a little footage of our little guy finally taking some steps. He has taken as many as 10 steps at a time. As you can see in the video he gets tired of it very quick! It's really fun to watch though.

Like Father, Like Son

I came in from the kitchen and Braden had himself propped up like this. It made me laugh because Ben does that a lot. I love these boys!