December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

This year we decided that we wanted to have Christmas at our own house. I'm so glad we did. It was so much fun having the day with our family! After all our Christmas festivities in Nashville we drove back to Knoxville and got home around 11pm on Christmas Eve. Ben and I quickly put away all our stuff piled in our car and prepared the house for Christmas morning. Surprisingly it only took us an hour. What a special day filled with gifts, snow, brunch, naps, dinner out and a birthday party for Jesus! I forgot my camera at the restaurant, but I captured a little of the rest of the day. I may post videos later if I can find clips that aren't too long.

All ready for Christmas morning.

Opening stockings.

B and his new bike!

So funny that they made the same facial expression.

My two cutie pies!

Enjoying his dry erase table from Pops.

All dressed up for dinner.

Birthday cake for Jesus.

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Words you don't hear often: "Can I lick baby Jesus?"

Christmas 2010 was definitely the best one I can remember!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we head to Grandmamma's house for brunch and gift opening. It was so fun having Grandmamma and Granddaddy in from California as well as all five siblings, spouses and ten cousins together.

Kate playing with Grandmamma's necklace.

Ben relaxing! :)

Kate helping Granddaddy open his present.

Braden excited about his gifts!

When I came across this dress of Kates I remembered that I had a bow tie of Braden's that would match. That meant a photo shoot of Kate and her cousin, Lincoln! He is just two months older and such a cutie!

So sweet!

Two cuties in front of the tree!

Loving her new ride! Thank you, Grandmamma!

(Evidently we only took pictures of Kate this day. Sorry!)

December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

On Christmas Eve Eve we always go to Pops' house to celebrate Christmas. It is always a fun evening where we eat way too much and open gifts and the kids go crazy!

The kids could hardly wait to open gifts!

Molly was so excited about her stocking stuffers!

Brent and Abbey

My three favorites!


Kate opening her very first Christmas gift!


Atticus looking thrilled about his gun!

What is it?

A scooter!

The aftermath

Kate and her celery!

One of my favorite things was Collin and Nolan performing for us! Here is Collin on the piano.

And Nolan playing the guitar and singing. So sweet!

December 22, 2010

December 21, 2010

A Girl on the Move

Unfortunately Kate has figured out that she does not have to sit in one place any longer. She's been on the move for about a month and in the last few days she has even made her way from the living room into the kitchen to find me. So sad! Now I must keep my floor clean. Booooo!

December 14, 2010

The Best Buddies Band

Sorry for all the videos! First the snow, then Braden and Gavin made a band. I had to share. Of course they never do it as good once you bring out the video camera. Enjoy two silly boys!

December 13, 2010

Snow Balls

Snow Day

I love listening to Braden's little voice and laugh. My favorite part of the video is: It's "veddy" cold!

December 12, 2010


These two love each other! One of my favorite things is when we are riding in the car and they are just cracking up at each other. Since Kate is still facing backwards they look right at each other. Kate will make a funny noise and then Braden does it back and then Kate does it back and so on. They are both giggling so hard! One day I was at a stoplight and they were doing this and I just wanted to freeze that moment and remember it always. I know they will fight as they grow up. Why do people always remind of you of that? Can't I just enjoy them now? I pray they have many close friends as they grow up, but I hope that they are always best friends with each other (and any other siblings that may come along). What a special gift from God!

December 11, 2010

Care Group Christmas Party

We had our Care Group Christmas Party on Friday. It was a lot of fun. We were supposed to wear "cheesy" Christmas sweaters. It was so hard to take anyone serious when they were dressed like that. Especially my husband! We also did a "white elephant" gift exchange and ate the most delicious food ever! Here are the few pictures I did take.

Braden's shirt was about 5 times too big so it didn't last long. Ben is too funny!

The whole group (minus Timothy who was having fun playing upstairs). I wish the self timer hadn't made it blurry!

Ben's idea: everyone do a cheesy smile!

White elephant. Emma got a tea maker! But it was later stolen.

The Cummings kids brought lots of toys as their gifts so Braden racked up. He is enjoying this Mickey doll. Today he put him in a diaper and then had me fix him a sippy cup of water and then he went to put him in his bed. Braden's excuse to get out of bed tonight was that Mickey's diaper was wet. Ha ha!

The kids decorating their ginger bread houses.

We are really enjoying our small group! We didn't even know most of these people until August, but the Lord is knitting our hearts together. We are so blessed to get to share life and learn more about God with these guys and girls.

Braden taking a big bite of his house today.

December 8, 2010

Santa Pictures

This picture makes me laugh so hard! I saw that Bass Pro Shop was giving away free pictures with Santa. Of course I cannot pass up free so we went the other night. It was really fun and Braden was not scared at all. I told him that Santa would ask what he would want for Christmas and he said he would say "candy canes!" Easy enough! So when it was our turn he jogged on over to Ol' St. Nick and sat in his lap. He doesn't look too sure in the picture. Kate was not sure about this man either. Here are a few more pictures from the evening.

Both kids loved the fish tank.

My sweet girl!