February 23, 2011

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Ben and I were going to go on a date this evening, but then we decided that a family night sounded fun since we haven't seen a lot of Ben lately. We went to Brixx for pizza and then went to the mall for our annual photobooth picture. We have only missed one year since Valentine's 2005! They didn't turn out great, but I still love it. Braden also got a big M&M cookie. He decided Valentine's is a pretty fun holiday. I'm afraid he's going to be like me and enjoy any reason to celebrate!

February 9, 2011

January Recap

January always seems to last forever! It's cold and the kids are sick a lot and you are stuck inside. But as I was looking at our month in pictures it looks like we had fun and made memories! I'm thankful for the snow days as well as the few days that were warm enough to play outside. We even enjoyed the cold, rainy days. Enjoy our month in pictures!

One of the semi-warm days of the month. Kate loves to be outside!

Kate looking like a fatty! Her face looks thinner even from this picture! Sad.

Braden has loved his scooter he got for Christmas. We even let him ride inside sometimes.

Both kids were sick the first half of the month. I think Braden enjoyed the extra pampering and special snacks.

Oh, snow! I just have to bundle the kids up and go outside in the snow, even if they are sick.

Sweet Ben got home from working a 12 hour shift and took Braden sledding. What a sweet Daddy!

Once we were all well Allyson and I got to trade kids again. The boys love snack and Sesame Street time!

Another outside scooting day!

We got Braden some rain boots because everyone needs rain boots...and for the next time it snows! Well Braden was determined to get dressed up and go outside to splash in puddles. I told him it was cold, he didn't care. This picture is so funny because this is as far as he made it. He stood on the deck and looked inside. Finally he asked to come inside.

We have been learning a letter each week. This was "A" week and Braden was practicing writing his "A's". This boy is one smart cookie!

Picnic dinner and watching Despicable Me. Fun times with the fam!

Braden's morning "Kate holding" time. It usually ends with tickling and screaming. Love these two.

Kate is on the move! They don't stay immobile long enough!

A day at the park!

Kate got two teeth this month. The first on the 15th and the second on the 19th.